CategoryRef No.DateName/Title
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONRFQ 22-00101/31/2022SVP - Eco Bags
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONRFQ 22-00203/02/2022Branded 45KHz Wireless Microphone for Computer, Iphone, iPad, Android, Laptop Speaker, Plug & Play Lapel, Mic System
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONRFQ 22-01204/05/2022Supply and Installation of Tempered Glass with Single Swing Door
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONRFQ 22-01404/27/2022Uniform of QMS Team
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONRFQ 22-01505/06/2022External Hard Disk Drive
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONRFQ 22-01605/06/2022Laboratory Reagents, Materials and Consumables for NDA Laboratory
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONRFQ 22-01705/06/2022Laboratory Equipment and Materials for the Regional Laboratory Operations
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONNLDSVP22-00208/30/2022Hauling of Dairy Goats from Davao del Sur to Binmaley, Pangasinan
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-00309/01/2022Food inclusive of Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snacks and Dinner (for September 09, 2022)
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-00910/05/2022Printing of NDA Annual Report 2021 & 2022
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01010/05/2022CFIDP Office Equipment
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-00610/05/2022Window-Type Inverter Aircon
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01110/05/2022Supply and Delivery of Milk Cans
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01210/05/2022Dairy Safety Kits
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01310/07/2022Supply of labor and materials for the replacement of transparent polycarbonate roofing at the
Central Laboratory
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01410/07/2022Automatic Voltage Regulator, 200W
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01510/11/2022Animal Supplies for the Semen Maintenance
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01610/11/2022NLD Animal Breeding Supplies of CFIDP
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01710/11/2022Pasture Cultivation of 5 Hectares (NDCBAIC)
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01810/11/2022Office Equipment of CFIDP (NLD)
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-01910/11/2022Forage Planting Materials of CFIDP-NLD
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-02010/11/2022Supply and Delivery of Chest-Type Freezer
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-2110/11/2022Supply and Delivery of LN2 Mother Tank (NLD-PL480)
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-02210/17/2022Mandatory Annual and Physical Examination and Drug Test for NDA Employees’ (CO, NLD, and COA)
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-02310/17/2022OWA Add on license for Exchange Online
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-02410/28/2022Office Supplies
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-02511/11/2022Meals for the Conduct of Annual Physical Exam
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-02611/14/2022Office Supplies
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONNego22-00911/25/20225Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Eight (8) units Prefabricated Collapsible Container House for Mini Milk Processing Plant
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-02811/25/20225Supply and Delivery of PL480 Uniforms
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONNego22-01011/25/20225Supply and Delivery of Pasteurized Fresh Milk for the DSWD Supplemental Feeding Program (SFP) in NCR
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-03012/01/2022Supply and Delivery of ICT Requirements for CFIDP
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-02912/01/2022Meals for NDA CO’s Year End Activities CY 2022
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-03112/01/2022OWA Add on license for Exchange Online
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONNego22-01112/09/2022Brokering Services for 808 heads of imported dairy cattle, baled hay and concentrates
REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONSVP22-03212/23/2022Supply and Delivery of Purified Drinking Water for One (1) Year