Milk Feeding Program

This program continuously served as the base market of the local dairy farmers, especially those who had just started in the business of dairying.  It addresses the issues of poverty by rescuing children from malnutrition while providing a steady flow of income to local dairy farmers and their cooperatives.

Enforcement of Section 16 of the National Dairy Development Act of 1995.

This section requires that government nutrition programs that use milk shall be supplied by local milk producers and shall be coordinated with the NDA.

Inter-agency Milk Feeding Committee (IMFC).

The creation and active involvement of the IMFC in overseeing all milk programs and ensuring the quality of milk delivered have made transactions in milk feeding programs supplied by local producers very transparent. The IMFC enforces a Joint Statement issued in 2003 by the Departments of Agriculture (through the National Dairy Authority), Education, Health (through the Bureau of Food and Drugs and the National Nutrition Council) and the Social Welfare and Development.

Build-up of the Philippine Milk Fund. 

This is a fund that is used by the NDA to offer as counterpart to local governments and other co-sponsors. NDA continues to seek new partners in augmenting this fund.