Milk Quality Assurance

This program focuses on the installation of quality-based milk test and payment systems to all NDA-assisted cooperatives. The farmers were paid not only based on volume but also on the quality of their milk produce. These milk payment schemes are changing the dairy producers’ outlook and many had benefited from the incentives given to the farmers to produce clean and wholesome local milk.  It also includes activities such as regular laboratory testing of raw milk and finished products and farm and plant audit.

Farm and plant Audit. To complement the capacity of the Bureau of Food and Drugs and pursuant to DA Administrative Order No. 9 (S-2006), the NDA undertakes farm and plant audit to ensure the observance of appropriate quality protocols.

Installation of quality control systems (QCS). The installation of in-house laboratory capacity to conduct regular milk tests and generate reports to concerned processing facilities and farmers are important activities in this field.  Starting 2004, almost all milk plants have initiated quality-based milk payment systems.