NDA tells students: Drink fresh milk for enhanced academic performance By Jel Santos | Manila Bulletin

Following the opening of classes, the National Dairy Authority (NDA) has urged students to drink fresh milk to improve their academic and cognitive performance.

The agency noted that studies have consistently underscored the pivotal role of proper nutrition in facilitating optimal cognitive function and academic achievement.

We believe that a well-nourished mind is a key determinant of academic success. Fresh milk consumption offers a scientifically proven avenue to enhance students’ cognitive abilities and academic performance,” NDA Administrator Dr. Gabriel L. Lagamayo said in a statement.

“As classes resume, we urge the parents to include fresh milk as an essential component of their daily diet, setting the stage for a brighter academic journey.”

In addition, the NDA said parents and students should integrate fresh milk into their diet because of the many benefits of local fresh milk, which is rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, and vitamins crucial for brain development and overall well-being.

The NDA said it is actively executing the School-Based Milk Feeding Program in cooperation with the education department.

“This initiative ensures a consistent supply of local fresh milk from NDA-assisted cooperatives, sustaining both the livelihood of local dairy farmers and the quality of fresh milk that children consume,” the agency said.

According to Lagamayo, local dairy farmers are ready to meet the demands of the Department of Education.

“What we want is to raise a new generation of fresh milk drinkers, children who reap the nutritional rewards of fresh milk consumption,” the NDA official stated.

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