The Department of Agriculture – National Dairy Authority Southern Luzon Department (NDA-SLD) received a Feed Analyzer from the Intensified Community-Based Dairy Enterprise Development under the US PL480 Project last July 11, 2022. The Feed Analyzer is expected to provide relevant information to our dairy farmers such as the percentage of dry matter, protein per Dry Matter (DM), ash per DM, fibre per DM, acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber, digestibility per DM, and the starch component per DM.
Through these, an accurate computation of the required Megajoules of Metabolizable Energy (MJME) can be obtained and the proper amount of food will then be determined to reach their goal production (e.g. goal milk produced/head, body weight, etc). It is most important since a lot of the farmers need to understand that energy requirement increases as the animal progresses on to the next production stage of its life.
Product demonstration on proper use and care of the machine was also conducted on July 15, 2022 which was attended by NDA SLD field personnel.