The National Dairy Authority, on July 22, 2021, through its information officer Farina Sanchez-Dy, joined and pledged its commitment to the Expanded Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty, spearheaded by the DSWD.

The event took place at the Golden Prince Hotel, where various government agencies converged and pledged their support. This being a massive feeding program, government agencies and community based organizations may belong to three categories: supply agencies/entities which can supply basic food and other food commodities; demand agencies, which need food services through feeding programs for their clientele such as schools. hospitals, jails, orphanages, old persons’ homes; and support services, which can help support both the supply and demand categories by providing funding through loans for production equipment, food packaging and other logistical support.

Government agencies on the demand side, provide the feeding programs, while government agencies on the supply side can link their community-based organizations to supply the food items for these programs, by going through the steps of government procurement. In this way, community -based organizations can earn by directly selling to government and learn on how to negotiate in the field of government procurement.

Activities such as these are in line with the NDA Quality policy where the agency commits to promote and sustain effective linkages with other government agencies and private institutions, enhance customer satisfaction, and in doing so continue improvement of the NDA’s quality management system.