The National Dairy Authority (NDA) held its 3rd quarter performance assessment and target setting workshop on November 7-9. 2022 at the NDA Central Office.
The three-day activity aimed to review NDA’s performance as of the third quarter of FY 2022, and to set and finalize targets for FY 2023 based on its performance indicators and evaluation score, anchored on the overall strategic plan of the Authority.
Key discussions centered on cow population and its strategies to increase the dairy herd growth; NDA’s Performance Evaluation Score (PES) in compliance with the Governance Commission for GOCCs’ monitoring and evaluation system; and major activities and ways forward to enhance NDA’s operations, technical, and administrative functions and targets for the succeeding year.
Taking off from the priorities and goals set, the members of the Expanded Management Committee (MANCOM) worked on an action plan guided by the Theory of Change (TOC) – a strategic program framework and design that aims to comprehensively lay out all possible interventions to analyze strategies and challenges, and identify actions in order to achieve desired outcomes.
NDA Administrator Dr. Farrell Benjelix Magtoto in his presentation on the TOC challenged the NDA management to make use of the TOC model in effecting change in all of NDA’s major programs, to achieve an increased dairy herd population and milk production, thus a milk-sufficient and sustainable Philippine dairy industry.
“Before the pandemic, milk and milk products ranked 6th place in the categories of food consumption of Filipinos. There was an increase in demand of milk from 5.1% to 6.2% for the period 2015 to 2019. According to Australians and Americans, by 2030, 35 liters of milk per capita consumption will be consumed by Filipinos; we are currently at 27 liters. By 2023 to 2028, we should meet the 200 million liters of milk as part of the NDA’s roadmap,” Dr. Magtoto emphasized.
He furthered that it is high time for NDA to implement a Dairy Nucleus Farm as a sustainable measure to produce and manage cows adapted to Philippine conditions. “Through this Nucleus Farm, we will be able to breed our own, so we can at least reduce our heavy reliance to importation,” the Administrator said.
NDA’s MANCOM, area managers and assistant managers, special project coordinators, and selected technical staff participated in the workshop, the first full face-to-face activity conducted by NDA since the pandemic.