Quezon City, Philippines – The National Dairy Authority (NDA) reaffirms its commitment to fostering gender equality and empowerment by organizing a dynamic Gender and Development (GAD) Seminar Series from September 19 to 22, 2023 at the Shahani-Acosta Conference Room within the NDA Building.

The GAD Seminar Series featured an esteemed facilitator with an extensive experience in conducting GAD related seminars, Atty. Judie Rose T. Dimayuga, representing the Philippine Commission on Women. Her expertise and guidance enriched the seminar, providing valuable insights into gender-related issues and empowerment strategies.

NDA’s dedication to GAD goes beyond this seminar, as it pledges to integrate more GAD-related activities into its 2024 agenda. This proactive approach aims to bolster the implementation of GAD initiatives both within the agency and for external clients, fostering an environment of inclusivity, equity, and empowerment.