Kapai, Lanao Del Sur, Philippines – In collaboration with the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) Northern Mindanao and the National Dairy Authority (NDA) Southern Mindanao, the local government of Kapai, Lanao Del Sur is taking significant steps to enhance the dairy industry in the region.

In a collaborative effort, Lanao Del Sur received liquid nitrogen tanks containing cattle semen for breeding, provided by the NDA. This initiative is an integral part of NDA’s livestock program, focusing on animal upgrading through artificial insemination.

Dr. Al-Hussein Domaot emphasized that this support from the NDA will elevate the quality and productivity of dairy cattle, contributing to a more prosperous agriculture not only in Lanao Del Sur but also across the entire Bangsamoro Region.

The NDA also distributed 10 dairy cattle to local farmers from the Hanes Integrated Farm and Agri-Marketing Cooperative (HIFAMCO) in Kapai, Lanao Del Sur.

“While Lanao Del Sur is agriculturally rich, livestock farming has been marginal. With this support, our aim is to introduce dairy farming as a sustainable income source and kindle interest in eco-friendly practices like vermicast production,’’ said Dr. Rayan Ysulat, Assistant Manager of the NDA Southern Mindanao Department.

NDA Administrator Dr. Gabriel L. Lagamayo highlighted Lanao Del Sur’s favorable conditions for dairy farming, including ample land, abundant freshwater resources, and a cool climate, making it an ideal location for dairy production.

“We aspire that HIFAMCO Dairy Farms, situated just 15 kilometers from the heart of Marawi City, will kickstart dairy production in the community, providing additional income and job opportunities. We see this as a fresh beginning for the residents,” Dr. Lagamayo added.

Saad-dudin Aliasger, President of HIFAMCO, expressed gratitude for the NDA’s assistance, acknowledging it as a tremendous opportunity for Kapai to meet the agricultural needs of Lanao Del Sur, Marawi City, Iligan City, and surrounding areas.

“Strengthening the dairy industry in Lanao Del Sur will not only boost the local economy but also contribute to the overall development of Mindanao. This effort aligns with MinDA’s vision of an inclusive and prosperous region,”said MinDA Northern Mindanao officer-in-charge, EnP. Lords Enjambre.

Dr. Lagamayo reaffirmed that all these endeavors align with the NDA’s mission to increase the country’s milk sufficiency by enhancing animal distribution and empowering local communities.

Ian Caro Agbayani
National Dairy Authority