Bertuldo Cuyacot

Written by: Farina Dy

Bertuldo Cuyacot is a 54 year old dairy farmer from Ubay, Bohol., and  is a member of the Riceland paradise Cooperative. Like Bayani Tutor, he is the first to have dairy cows, while others are  continuing to work on their forage supply before they can have their dairy animals.


He started when he heard of the Palit Baka Scheme  of the NDA, which he heard during a dairy orientation. He and his wife then decided that it was worth  a try. He planted forages on .7 hectares and another ½ hectare to leguminous plants like hummidicola and signal grass as well as sweet corn. In May 2016, he started with his dairy animals and he now has 4 dairy cows, which are all n the milk line and from which he gets an average of 5-7 liters per head per day.

Now, they no longer buy milk, because they use their own produce, which his 5th year engineering son brings back when he goes to school in Tagbilaran City. His relatives also prefer to drink his milk produce which are better than the commercial milk.

His challenge was to produce forage, especially during the summer or dry season. However, he is also confident because he has the NDA to lean upon when he encounters certain problems.

Dairy has definitely changed his life as he is now more focused and can easily be located, much to the delight of his wife. Before he had the cows to attend to, he would be found anywhere but at home, as he also tries to help his wife, a government employee. He also feels that his body has become healthier  as his dairy activities serve as exercise.

With the challenge of  having a dairy farm on a long term basis he said “Kami gagmay nga mga farmer, makuntento sa gamay nga kita, kay gamay man among pununan.  Kadto mga dagko, di man ma kuntento.” (we small farmers are content with our small income because our investment is small. But those big farmers find it hard to be content)






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