Increasing Milk yield of Dairy Goats with Indigofera


Dairy goat farmers can now be assured of better milk yield! This is according to Mr. Rene Almeda, Consultant of Alaminos Goat Farm (AGF) and a strong advocate  and promoter of Indigofera.   He observed that goats provided with the said plant, have increased their milk production from 120 to 150mliters per day.

Indigofera zollingeriana or INDIGOFERA, is a forage tree or shrub comparable to ipil-ipil or kakawate tree. Adding 30% indigofera in the diet lowers feed cost by 25%. Based on study, it has 27%-31 % crude protein, which is higher compared with other locally available leguminous forages.

Indigofera is one component mainstay in the Alaminos salad Garden which aims to supply the farm animals with sustainable and nutrient packed forages. In order to maintain the plant's succulence, its leaves and twigs are harvested every 30 days.

To increase the palatability and digestibility of Indigofera, Mr. Almeda developed a process of pelletizing the leaves, mixed with feed concentrates.



Ref. PFN No: 7065 April - June 2016

Source: Parungao , A. " Indigofera, now known as good goat feed." DOST-PCAARRD Portal. February 21, 2013.