·         To formulate and execute dairy programs that will generate a national impact on rural as well as urban nutrition levels and incomes; 


·         To assist in the purchase, importation, propagation, storage, distribution and sale of dairy animals, semen, forage seeds, fertilizers, veterinary supplies, dairy equipment and engineering supplies and such other inputs   as may be needed by the dairy industry;


·         To encourage the integration of dairy production and local milk and the distribution of dairy products into various rural livelihood and nutrition programs;


·       To assume control and supervision over all dairy-related government agency personnel and programs, including the Bureau of Animal Industry’s Dairy Division, the Livestock Development Council’s Dairy Division, the Philippine Dairy Corporation, Livelihood Corporation’s Laguna Processing Center and other dairy-related government agencies, divisions, councils subject to the guidelines prescribed by the Civil Service Commission;


·     To borrow, raise or obtain funds; to issue bonds and other instruments of indebtedness; or to enter into any financial or credit arrangements in order to support or carry out its objectives and purposes, subject to pertinent laws governing public debts and expenditures; 


·         To receive grants, subsidies, donations or contributions from corporations, trusts, foundations, associations and other sources from any private or government office, agency or corporation in the Philippines or abroad;


·         To establish, maintain or operate field units or offices in various parts of the country in order to utilize the objectives of this Act;


·         To help design and implement a credit system that will finance dairy farmers and dairy cooperatives or associations;


·         To charge reasonable fees for services rendered for the attainment of the objectives of this Act;


·         To promulgate rules and regulations to carry out the provisions and policy objectives of this Act; and


·         To adopt, alter and use a corporate seal; to sue and be sued; and otherwise to do and perform all acts or exercise all powers as may be necessary or incidental to carry out the objectives of this Act.