NDA tackles milk safety at AgriLink, AquaLink and FoodLink 2018

Written by: Karen Joy U. Manalo

With the forthcoming implementation the Dairy Safety Regulations (DSR), the National Dairy Authority (NDA), as a duly mandated Food Safety Regulatory Agency (FSRA) by virtue of the Food Safety Act of 2013, is intensifying its efforts in reaching out and informing the dairy stakeholders about milk safety concerns.

During the Agrilink, AquaLink and FoodLink 2018, the NDA conducted a seminar on DSR held on October 4, 2018 at the Hidalgo Room of the World Trade Center.

Serving as the resource person was NDA Food Technologist Mr. Lennard Bryle P. Rosal. In his discussion, he highlighted the scope and objectives of the regulation. 

“The DSR will cover farmers, businesses and enterprises of Dairy Business Operators (DBOs) involved in local milk production to postharvest handling,” Mr. Rosal said.

“With the DSR, the NDA aims to protect our consumers from unsafe and adulterated locally produced milk; enhance industry and consumer confidence in the dairy regulatory system; achieve economic growth and development by promoting fair trade practices and sound regulatory foundation for domestic distribution; and upgrade the capability of local dairy farmers, consumers, and dairy personnel in ensuring dairy safety,” he added.

 Mr. Rosal also tackled the code of practice for dairy farms which include, amongst others, the separation of milk from healthy and sick animals; observance of proper feeding regimen; hygienic practices of farm workers; use of food grade containers, immediate pre-cooling or delivery of the freshly harvested milk to plant; and effective waste and pest management system.

About 30 participants attended the seminar including students, farmers and entrepreneurs.