Impasug-ong, Bukidnon-In a remarkable story of transformation, Jeed Jeed Lumaras, a former rebel fighter who once took up arms, has now found a promising future in dairy farms as an accredited Artificial Insemination (AI) Technician serving his community.

His life took a dramatic turn when he made the courageous decision to lay down his arms and seek a peaceful path. His commitment to change led him to embrace dairy farming, a sector vital to the region’s agricultural landscape.

“Sumuko ako noong December 26, 2021, after one month nag apply ako sa coop (Dalwangan Multipurpose Dairy Cooperative) namin bilang isang dairy farmer noong February 2022” he said.

(I surrendered on December 26, 2021, after one month I applied to become a dairy farmer in February 2022 in our cooperative (Dalwangan Multipurpose Dairy Cooperative).

The National Dairy Authority (NDA) sponsored Jeed Jeed’s specialized training in artificial insemination techniques. This training not only equipped him with valuable skills but also provided a source of income that has transformed his life and opened doors to a brighter future.

Artificial insemination is a precise process involving the direct placement of semen into a cow’s uterus. Dairy farmers choose AI to enhance genetics, reduce the need for the maintenance of bulls, access diverse breeds not readily available locally, and elevate the value of livestock progeny.

Lumaras, now a beacon of hope for his community, also received two dairy cattle from the NDA. When asked about his inspiration for venturing into dairy farming, he explained, “Nakikita ko yung mga kapitbahay ko na halos lahat nag dedairy kaya na enganyo ako kasi nakita ko na kumikita sila ng malaki. Noong nag umpisa ako sa dairy kumita ako agad kasi buntis yung mga bakang binigay sa akin, kaya noong nag-umpisa na sila maggatas yun yung nagbigay sa akin ng income para makabili ng mga pangangailangan,” he said.

(I observed that my neighbors are all into dairy farming. I was lured into this endeavor because I can see that their income is substantial. I earned immediately because I received pregnant cows, when they started milking, that’s when I earned, I used that income to address my basic needs.)

Lumaras said that he did not regret his decision to surrender. He asserted his unwavering commitment to dairy farming, thanks to the fresh start provided by the NDA.

“Magtutuloy-tuloy ako sa sa pagdedairy kasi ang NDA ang nagturo sa akin sa pag AI. Kaya tutulungan ko ang NDA para paramihin ang mga baka. Sa mga farmers na katulad ko na gusto mag dairy wag kayong mag-alala kasi tuturuan tayo ng NDA,” he said.

(I will continue my career in dairy because the NDA has equipped me with the skills and knowledge in AI. I remain dedicated to serving the NDA and assisting in multiplying the herd. Farmers who would want to venture into dairy should not hesitate because NDA offers comprehensive husbandry training.)

In a heartfelt message to fellow former rebels, Lumaras encouraged them to follow his path. “Sa mga former rebels na tulad ko na gusto din mag dairy, ito na ang panahon para mag-umpisa ulit ng mas maayos na pamumuhay” he emphasized.

(For those like me, former rebels seeking a fresh beginning in dairy farming, now is the time to begin a new life.)

Expressing his gratitude for the support extended to him, Lumaras acknowledged the NDA’s role in helping him sustain a normal life.

“If anyone is interested in dairy, the NDA is ready to assist them. We’ve reached out to numerous beneficiaries in remote regions across Northern Mindanao, extending our support to those who aspire to venture into dairy farming. By fostering livelihood programs, dairy farming can play a vital role in our nation’s development and serve as a means to counter insurgency,” emphasized Mr. Jester John P. Jadap, Manager of the NDA Northern Mindanao Department.

“As we look ahead, Jeed Jeed has a world of opportunities awaiting him. Whether it’s advancing his expertise in AI or exploring other avenues in husbandry, his dedication and determination will undoubtedly pave the way for his continued growth,” he further remarked.

“The NDA’s AI Outsourcing program not only empowers local government-accredited AI technicians financially but also contributes to our strategy of increasing the number of dairy animals through genetic upgrading. Calves born from these programs are distributed to aspiring dairy farmers,” remarked NDA Administrator Dr. Gabriel L. Lagamayo.

He continued, “From various corners of the Philippines, successful AI technicians emerge, earning approximately Php 1,500 for each successful calf delivery. This represents just one facet of the opportunities present within the dairy value chain,” he added, underlining the transformative potential of dairy farming as a sustainable livelihood option.


Ian Caro E. Agbayani
Information Officer IV

Danica E. Melegrito
Public Relations Officer IV-Designate

Photo Captions:
Jeed Jeed performing AI on a female cow
Jeed Jeed with the NDA Northern Mindanao Department Manager Jester John P. Jadap and staff of Bukidnon Satellite Office