MANILA, Philippines — The National Dairy Authority (NDA) on Thursday said nutrition and scholastic excellence are intricately linked, highlighting the need for students to consume fresh milk to boost academic and cognitive performance.

NDA Administrator Gabriel Lagamayo, in a statement on Thursday, urged parents and guardians to include fresh milk in the daily diet of learners because a well-nourished mind is a key determinant of academic success.

“Studies have consistently underscored the pivotal role of proper nutrition in facilitating optimal cognitive function and academic achievement. As classes resume, we urge the parents to include fresh milk as an essential component of their daily diet, setting the stage for a brighter academic journey,” said Lagamayo.

According to Lagamayo, the NDA, in collaboration with the Department of Education, is actively implementing a school-based milk feeding program.

This initiative seeks to ensure a “consistent supply of local fresh milk from NDA- assisted cooperatives, sustaining both the livelihood of local dairy farmers and the quality of fresh milk that children consume.”

The NDA official added that they want to raise a generation of milk drinkers.


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