CategoryRef No.DateName /Title
INVITATION TO BID59607901/7/2019Supply and Delivery of Animal Health and Breeding Supply for South Luzon
INVITATION TO BID59605321/8/2019Supply and Delivery of Imported Sexed Embryo
NOA567310611/5/2018500 Head Dairy Goat (Global Agriventures)
NOA567327211/7/2018Corporate Giveaways
NOA578777112/17/2018Breeding, Vet and Other Supplies for NLD & SLD
NOA586160512/20/2018Pasteurized Choco-Milk for MFP - SLD
NOA58192411/8/2019Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment & Peripherals
NOA58194331/8/2019Veterinary Supplies for NLD
NOA58615681/29/2019Pasteurized Choco Milk for MFP-NLD
NOA59607902/27/2019Animal Health and Breeding Supplies for SLD
NOA58851714/29/20191500 Head Imported Dairy Animals
PO5673106500 Head Dairy Goat
PO567327211/21/2018Corporate Giveaways
PO578777112/21/2018Breeding, Vet and Other Supplies for NLD & SLD
PO586160512/20/2018Pasteurized Choco-Milk for MFP - SLD
PO58194331/28/2019Veterinary Supplies for NLD
PO 59607903/11/2019Animal Health and Breeding Supplies for SLD
PO58192414/10/2019Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment & Peripherals
 Contract5861568  Pasteurized Choco Milk for MFP-NLD
Contract58851715/10/20191500 Head Imported Dairy Animals
INVITATION TO BID 62182585/28/2019Supply and Delivery of Imported Dairy Semen
 INVITATION TO BID 62182585/28/2019Supply and Delivery of 400 Head Island Bor Embryo Transfer Dairy Animals
  INVITATION TO BID62601767/1/2019 Supply and Delivery of 47 Desktop Computers
INVITATION TO BID63126187/11/2019Supply of Promo Items
INVITATION TO BID63126867/11/2019Supply of First Aid Breeding Supplies
NOA62182587/8/2019Supply and Delivery of Imported Dairy Semen
NOA62601737/22/2019Supply and Delivery of Desktop Computer
INVITATION TO BID63770658/7/2019Supply and Delivery of Pasteurized Milk
INVITATION TO BID8/30/2019For Sale of Scrap Materials & Unserviceable Eqpts.
INVITATION TO BID639025039/2/2019675 Imported Dairy Animals
INVITATION TO BID64718049/20/2019Supply and Delivery of Lab Eqpt&Others
INVITATION TO BID62601739/30/2019Supply of Raincoat Jackets
NOA6312619/30/2019Supply of Promo Materials
NOA63770659/30/2019Supply of Milk Products for MFP
NOA63925039/20/2019Supply of 375 Dairy Animals
INVITATION TO BID   CANCELLEDCANCELLEDCANCELLED        CANCELLED            Board and Lodging for Imported Dairy Animals 
INVITATION TO BID654190610/16/2019Supply and Delivery of Lab Equiptment
INVITATION TO BID656224710/23/2019Supply and Delivery of Fill&Sealing Machine F 
PURCHASE ORDER637706511/7/2019Supply and Delivery of ChocoFlavored Milk
INVITATION TO BID6731958 12/6/2019Supply and Delivery of Imported Dairy Animals
INVITATION TO BID6562247 12/6/2019Supply and Delivery of Liquid Filling Machine