I am Kurt Bayliss Razo a.k.a “boy gatas”, a dairy farmer from General Santos City. Five years ago, I dreamt of having my own dairy farm. I have seen lots of advertisement on the internet and magazines which inspired me more to fulfill my dream. This dream became a challenge for me and with hard work and perseverance, this dream has indeed come true.

It was in 2015 when I started to put up my dairy farm in Bohol. But in 2019, I decided to establish a dairy farm in my home town, in General Santos city and named it Dairy Square. Aside from dairy animal production, I also ventured into processing and selling cow’s fresh milk and offered free delivery services to gain more buyers.

The whole process has not been that easy for me. It took me two years to look for a supplier of raw milk to continue my production. At present, I have five dams and one calf. Hopefully by next year, I could harvest milk and process it at the plant which I have constructed and is now ready for operation.

With my five years of experience in dairying, I am looking forward to start my own dairy training center with the support of Department of Agriculture Taskforce Gatas. I have also organized the Federation of Harvestkadahan, Inc. to help and assist young farmers to gain more skills and knowledge in dairy farming which could also be made possible through the establishment of the dairy training center.